Azzurra Lucani

Vodacce Fate Witch


Name: Azzurra Lucani
Portrayed By: Monica Bellucci
Nationality: Vodacce
Profession: Fate Witch

Brawn: 1
Finesse: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 3
Panache: 2

Virtue: Propitious – You may activate your Virtue in order to call for a lucky escape from the current Scene. This will extract you and your entire party from your current predicament. Every time you use this Virtue, you gain one fewer Drama Die at the beginning of every future Story, so use it only as a last resort.
Hubris: Righteous – Your GM can activate your Hubris in order to dispel any doubts you might have about the moral justifiability of your actions.

Destiny Spread
Past: Five of Cups: You receive the Courtesan Skill and two 2- point Connections for free.
Present: Ten (Zero) of Coins: You receive both the Academy and University Advantages for free.
Future: Mistaken Identity

Acrobat Courtier Criminal Spy
Balance 1 Dancing 1 - Gambling 1 Perception 3
Footwork 2 Etiquette 1 - Shadowing 2 Shadowing 2
      Fashion 1 - Stealth 2 Stealth 2
      Oratory 1            
      Perception 3            
Streetwise Athlete Fencing Whip
Perception 3 Climbing 1 - Attack 2 Attack 2
Socializing 1 Footwork 2 - Parry 1      
Street Nav 1 Sprinting 1            
      Throwing 1            

Academy: You have attended one of Théah’s military academies, and can buy Martial Skills for 1 HP, instead of 2 HP, at Hero Creation time.
University: You have attended one of these Universities. As a result, Civil Skills cost you 1 HP (rather than 2 HP) to purchase during Hero Creation.
Connection (2): Confidants are people you trust, but are not “friends.” If they were forced to choose between you can their own hide, they’d be more likely to choose the latter. Confidants will never have more influence than you at the start of the game.
Dangerous Beauty: You always roll an extra two unkept dice for any seduction attempts.
Left-Handed: All Attack rolls you attempt with your left hand are made with +1 unkept die. Your right hand is now considered to be your off-hand.
Trained Spider: Poison: This spider can be trained to bite anyone who enters a specific area no larger than a single room. The bite is intensely painful and causes 3k2 Wounds, but can only be administered once per day.
Linguist: All languages cost –1 HP less to purchase (to a minimum of 1 HP, unless it would normally cost you 0 HP). You are also literate in the language of your Country of Origin for free.

Vodacce: Mantua Accent (Literate)
Avalon (Literate)
Montaigne (Literate)
Vendel (Literate)
Castille (Spoken)
Eisen (Spoken)
Inis (Spoken)

Allergy: Wine (2)

Mistaken Identity (1)
No matter how many times you try to tell them, they just don’t listen to you. They’re convinced you’re the man they want, and you don’t know how to convince them they’re wrong. They think you know things you don’t. They think you’ve got something you don’t. Or maybe they want something, and they won’t tell you what it is. Maybe they’ll only be convinced when they’ve tortured you to death.

Mastery: Touching the Strands
Arcana: 2
Coins: 2
Cups: 0
Staves: 0
Swords: 2
Black Strand: 1


Character Theme

Mother died due to complications from childbirth.
Since birth Azzurra has seen a Black Strand stretching out from her.
Other Witches claim it connects not to her own death but to the death of her Mother.
Upon seeing Azzurra for the first, and only time, her mother commented, “She has my eyes.”
Her father named Azzurra after her eye color.
Her father raised her in court, knowing she would some day be a Fate Witch like her mother.
From an early age her Father insisted on a proper education for his daughter, hiding her connection with Fate.
A single noble man took Azzurra under his wing and helped her curry favor towards her education.
She attended a prestigious Academy and Universtiy at the same time.
Before she could graduate from school the noble discovered she wat a Fate Witch.
The noble called in his favors to have Azzurra trained on how to read the strands of fate.
Without a proper betrothal the noble turned Azzurra into the first Fate Witch Spy ever seen in Voddacce.
She was used to spy on courts both foreign in local, amassing a series of cover identities.
One of her identities was arrested for a crime she didn’t commit.
Her past was so tangled no one could prove who she was or wasn’t.
She was convicted and shipped to prison.
She’s survived the past few years being one of the only (if not the only) Fate Witch imprisoned.

Azzurra Lucani

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